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Here at CrossFit Streatham we offer a range of Membership Packages that will suit all needs and fitness levels of our members. Our vision is to take you from where you are now and turn you into the healthiest, fittest and strongest version of yourself. After all, we pride ourselves in being the Best Hour of Your Day!


We're probably one of the few fitness facilities that actually want you to come in and do your workout!



CrossFit has exploded into a fitness regiment as well as a sport for many, across all environments and abilities. We incorporate olympic weightlifting, conventional strength, power, gymnastics, aerobic fitness to create a program that allows us to turn any form of fitness into a workout we can test and retest again!

With the ability to constantly challenge you not only physically, but mentally, theres a reason its addictive and used for so much more than getting you into shape. There aren't many elements in life where we challenge ourselves on multiple planes- until you try CrossFit. 

As we encompass every form of fitness, you're always going to have weaknesses and strengths. This garauntees that whatever we work on today, you're walking away with a really good workout, a community that supports your mindset and a drive to be better tomorrow. 

Claire, member

Mums CrossFit 

With a drive and love for working with mums, we offer our Mum's CrossFit Program at CrossFit Tooting, our sister gym in Tooting Bec. 

Doing any type of exercise with a little one or even while you're expecting, needs constant re-evaluation as the the body goes through changes. At CrossFit Streatham, all of our coaches are pre and post natal experienced and have the ability to do just that. 

Our Post Natal Rehab Program allows mums from as early as 6 weeks postpartum to build a solid foundation after birth. We work on pelvic alignment ,strengthening and correction of the posture after birth to avoid any complications post birth. Creating a program whereby mums also have the ability to gain their aerobic fitness and strength is key for mums to gain back their confidence in their body but also their body's ability to be strong and fit! 

Every mum's journey has a different time scale and we individualise their training to best suit them. Once you have been cleared by our Post Natal Specialist, Dani, your next step is our Mums CrossFit Program. 



Every idea, goal and even skill needs a plan. All of our coaches use each other to achieve their goals, and our members use us. 

Having a plan is crucial to getting what you want. That snatch, muscle up or even the confidence after an injury, requires guidance, accountability and the knowledge that you are working towards your goal with someone that has your best interests in mind. 

Our coaches have a multitude of skills, ranging from program design to massage therapy. With each of them having their own specialities, its a great environment to be in as there is always someone that has the ability to help. 

Whether you are looking to use one of our coaches exclusively or as part of your CrossFit membership, they will be able to advise on class structure, individual

accessory work and nutritional targets.

Personal investment is never a mistake, and the feedback from our coach's personal training clients prove that its a priceless gift to yourself

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  • The terms of your contract with us are determined by your individual membership package  and the general terms and conditions below

  • We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time with advance written warning

  • We advise all members to familiarise themselves with the terms associated with their individual package and to acknowledge this by e-signature of the membership contract however acceptance of the terms and conditions of membership is implied by your ongoing use of our facility.


  1. Online payments are managed via Optimal Payments, through our Booking System, Wodify

  2. It is a condition of membership that payment details are entered on the Wodify profile of CrossFit Streatham. If there is to be an exception, please contact Danielle Gaskell via email.

  3. You must ensure that the details provided by you on registration or at any time are correct and complete.

  4. Where arrears occur on the account and no payment arrangements are in place we reserve the right to deactivate your membership without warning.


  1. It is expected that all users of our facilities have either an active session plan or monthly membership contract with us OR is a prearranged ‘drop in’ guest

  2. It is expected that all users of the facility reserve and sign in to a space within the Wodify system including for independent training alongside coached sessions or in scheduled Open Gym periods. Where the user is a guest, reservation will be undertaken by a member of the CrossFit Tooting and CrossFit Streatham team.

  3. Reservations may be refused in the Wodify booking system and an error message returned where no active membership exists, programmes are not included within your membership package, session or limited usage plans have been exceeded or significant arrears are on the account. Users should email or call if they receive this error message when attempting to make a booking to resolve the outstanding before attempting to access the facility

  4. We reserve the right to refuse admission to the facility where no valid reservation in Wodify exists


  1. Cancellation – 1 hour notice is required for cancellation of a single timetabled training session (WOD, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Movement, Mums CrossFit, Pilates etc). Missed sessions with­out the appropriate notice will be charged as if attended.

  2. We offer a free trial session to prospective members using our timetabled Free Taster or specific session. 

  3. We ask that you respect your fellow athletes desire to book sessions and cancel any session you are unable to attend – even where the refund period has expired.

  4. We require 14days notice before a members membershis is to be cancelled, in accordance to the contract length. PLEASE be aware that a break in a contact early, will therefore give us the right to debit your account for the remainder of the money owed in the contract.


  1. Changes to membership package including upgrading, downgrading or cancellation can be made on the auto renewal date associated with your individual membership and should be requested by email in advance of this date

  2. Members who take a break from membership with us may be offered the latest published membership prices on their return

  3. We reserve the right to charge a small administration charge to cover the costs associated with holding a membership space at the facility and within Wodify where the hold is expected to last greater than three months or where multiple holds are requested within a 12month period

  4. We allow members to place holds/freezes on their membership where the following criteria are met:

    • We are advised, via email, of the request for a hold in advance in the case of travel/vacation or at the earliest opportunity in the case of injury/illness

    • The break from training is expected to be at least 2 weeks

    • The break start date is within the current membership period

    • The account is in credit (current active membership)

    • Where these conditions are not met this will be treated as a break in membership (see above)

  5. In the event that members take a break from training with us without the above conditions being met we will consider the account to be inactive and may deactivate within Wodify without notice.


Athletes engaging in the activities or making use of facilities provided by CrossFit Streatham are responsible for ensuring that he or she is properly equipped and that his or her state of health and physical condition are such as not to involve any risk to him or herself or any other person making use of the club.

It is hereby understood and agreed the club accepts no responsibility for accident, injury, illness, loss or misadventure caused to or suffered by athletes howsoever caused. Only to the extent caused by the wilful default or negligence of CrossFit Evolving  , its servants or agents. Athletes are responsible for their own insurance in respect of injuries suffered, loss or damage to equipment.

All CrossFit Streatham Coaches are certified CrossFit Coaches and athletes are assured that at least one Coach will be present during all timetabled sessions.

It is expected that athletes participating in timetabled coached sessions or in self directed training sessions shall pay due attention to the coach in charge so as to mitigate risk of injury to self or others. Where the coach is not assured of this attention, they may ask the athlete to cease training activity immediately – no refunds will be given for partial sessions missed in this event.

In the event of an emergency, where the coach is no longer able to remain in the gym, the session will come to an immediate end and session credits shall be applied.

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