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Class Schedule

Welcome to CrossFit Streatham!


Our schedule is packed with classes designed to encompass the full spectrum of CrossFit's four pillars: Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Fitness, and Strength.


Best of all, all classes are included in memberships.


We understand that life can be hectic, so we offer flexible class times to accommodate your busy schedule. Classes have levelsso as a beginner, you can jump straight in, where our coaches will help you find your groove. 


No matter your fitness levels or goals, they vary by degree, not kind, in CrossFit.


Our seamless booking system and performance tracker, Wodify, makes it easy to sign up for classes, track your progress, and stay connected with our community.


Setting up your membership takes just 5 minutes on our online platform and can be done here.


Don't forget, your membership extends to our sister Box, CrossFit Tooting, in Tooting Bec, giving you even more options to stay accountable with your training and connect with others from our community.


Check out our schedule below.

You'll notice that you can trial any of our classes. Why not book one?

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