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The Best Hour of your Day 

CrossFit Streatham

We are strength and conditioning facility that specialises in group training for those of all abilities.  Whether you're looking to get fit or into more competitive training, our CrossFit Program is individualised to each person.


the Best hour of your day

Situated just off Streatham High Road, we look out onto Streatham Green and are within minutes to all major train and bus routes in to and out of the city. 

Being part of a community creates a sense of belonging. Combine that with a dose of feel good endorphins, air high fives and a group we call family- you have OUR COMMUNITY.

With a vision for individualising the fitness journey of all our members, we offer numerous programs in our schedule that are designed to test physical strength, fitness, endurance, co-ordination and more. 


Already a CrossFitter or scared but also intrigued by it all?

Our CrossFit Program 

encompasses the sport of fitness. It incorporates a wide variety of training modalities to broaden the fitness and health of our members.


Our program includes all the disciplines found in CrossFit from weightlifting and 

gymnastics to fitness, strength and calisthenics.

By using our Crossfit Program, our members see a vast improvement in their strength, power, speed and stamina, together with an increased cardiovascular capacity that transcends across multiple sports.

If you are looking to sink your teeth into a new challenge, our program will offer it.

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Personal Training or CrossFit PT

How about some 1-2-1 time?

Here at CrossFit Streatham we believe that every member can benefit from a little one on one time. 


Whether you're wanting to hit a personal best in olympic lifting, or want all the attention on you- Personal Training is a phenomenal way to get you where you want to be. 


We offer a range of different options for you to choose from in prices and coaches. 

Get in touch for a consult. 

CrossFit PT?

Most members require 6-10 hours of 1-1 or 2-1 time with a coach before moving on to our CrossFit Classes. 


This is to ensure you have the basics, you know your numbers and what scale you're at when you look to do the different components of a class. 

CrosssFit PT is designed so that your coach takes any injuries or limitations you may have and turns the weaknesses into long term strengths. 


This is a great way to fast track yourself.  This suits those that have any sporting injuries, motivation or timings issues with our schedule.

Makemomstrong program

At our Tooting Branch, Coming to streatham soon.

We have an onsite creche facility that allows for parents to bring their little ones along while they do a class in our Tooting location. 


This runs throughout the week in our daytime classes and we mums and dads alike train together. 


As a facility that has pre/post natal specialists as coaches, our program is also tailored towards mum that want to do CrossFit. We offer them the ability to rebuild their bodies after their little ones are born. 

Drop us an email and join us for a session.

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