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CrossFit Streatham

CrossFit Streatham

Welcome to CrossFit Streatham.  Situated just off Streatham High Road, we look out onto Streatham Green and are within minutes to all major train and bus routes in to and out of the city. 


CrossFit Streatham is a strength and conditioning facility that specialises in group training for those of all abilities.  Whether you're looking to get fit or into more competitive training, our CrossFit Program is individualised to each person. 

Being part of a community creates a sense of belonging. Combine that with a dose of feel good endorphins, air high fives and a group we call family- you have OUR COMMUNITY.

With a vision for individualising the fitness journey of all our members, we offer numerous programs in our schedule that are designed to test physical strength, fitness, endurance, co-ordination and more. 

Due to COVID restrictions all of our classes are socially distanced and we have a limitation on our class numbers. 

We ask that if using the facility you follow gov guidelines and refrain from training if you feel unwell and have any COVID like symptoms. 

We have recently taken away the option to auto-book trial classes as to work with track and tracing. Please fill in your details and you will receive a schedule to pick a date and time for your session. 


 Our Team 

Steve Richardson, Owner
Julija Lalina, Weightlifting & CrossFit Coach

Our coaches have backgrounds that extend as far as triathlon, dance and martial arts, not to mention CrossFit. Each coach has the ability to identify, plan and execute a plan of action to help you reach your full potential. 

Why not book in for a Free Consult and see why the coaches at CrossFit Streatham will be the best gift to your goal .

Danielle Gaskell, Owner

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